China-India cooperation, strong alliance, bright prospects for export situation

From June 10th to 13th, 2012, two technicians from India’s First Serum Research Institute came to our factory under the leadership of General Manager Ren of Ningbo Agency to conduct technical exchanges on TAT production process and cooperation on new products. General Manager Yao Xiaodong personally received and expressed his gratitude to foreign friends for their concern and care on behalf of the company! He made a comprehensive analysis and answers on the company’s current production and sales situation. At the same time, he introduced the company’s development plan and the progress of new products. Indian customers showed great interest and positive cooperation intentions after listening.

The Indian distributor visited this time is the largest biological product institute in India, and its products are exported to many neighboring countries, enjoying a certain market share and brand reputation in the world. The main purpose of their visit this time is to further increase the cooperation with our company’s existing products and the development of new products. The customer visited the entire production process of our factory in detail, and confirmed the SOP of each production process to ensure the guarantee of product quality for each production process. Due to the difference in the pharmacopoeia, the Institute of Biological Products of India has always imported semi-finished products from our company, and processed and subpackaged them into finished products for sale in its own factory in India. The annual sales of products in cooperation with our company are more than 4 million yuan. The success of our company will further stabilize the export of our company in India. The Indian representative was very satisfied with the GMP standard production workshop of our institute after the inspection, and proposed that in the future cooperation, he would like to focus on the market promotion and development of new products together with our institute.


Post time: Apr-01-2022