Equine tetanus immunoglobulin following pepsin digestion

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[Ingredients]Equine tetanus immunoglobulin following pepsin digestion

[Pharmacological action]The product contains specific antibodies which have the power of neutralizing tetanus toxins.

[Indications]The product is used for therapy of tetanus.

[Quality Standard]CP2020


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Taking the animal immunoglobulin preparations as the leading, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, the development goal of the enterprise is to become one of the most valuable and competitive modern export-oriented biopharmaceutical enterprises in the world in the field of the engaged products.Our institute advocates science and technology, to guard health as duty, follows the people&learning –oriented management thinking, upholds the business philosophy of diligence, integrity, truth-seeking, innovation. Our institute is committed to build “Jiang Sheng” brand, to enhance corporate value, to care for life and health, to achieve social harmony.

during or after the injection of equine antitoxin with symptoms of gloominess or dvsphoria,pale or flush face, chest depression or asthma, cold sweat. nausea or abdominal pain, weak and rapid pulses, hypotension or collapse in severe case. The patient will die soon if without emergent treatment. 2. Serum sickness(Type III hypersensitivity reaction) may occur, frequent-ly 7 to 10 days after the injection.The main symptoms are urticaria, high fever, lymphadenopathy, local swelling and occasional albuminuria,vomiting, joint pain as well as erythema, itch and edema at the vaccination site. Precautions & warnings Before use the ampoule package must be examined with care.Any broken ampoules, or ampoules containing indispersive precipitates or particles must be discarded. Before injecting antisera, information should be obtained whenever possi-ble as to whether previous injections of antisera have been received and wheth-er the patient is subject to hypersensitivity disorders. Sensitivity testing should be performed before the administration of antisera. The patient must be kept under observation after the administration of doses of antisera.Adrenaline in-jection and resuscitation facilities should be available. Asensitivity test should be done by: Dilute the antitoxin to 1:10 with physio-logical saline (ie.0.1 ml of antitoxin+ 0.9ml of saline), and inject 0.05ml of the dilu-ted antitoxin intracutaneously on the flexor surface of the forearm.A positive reaction characterized by erythema, edema or iniltration appearing in15-30 minutes denotes hypersensitiveness to horses serum preparation. A negative reactor may be treated in the usual manner. A positive reactor must be desensitized when antitoxin administration is indispensable. The following desensitization procedure may be recommended:dilute the antitoxin to 1:10 with sterile physiological saline. Iniect subcutaneously 0.2ml at first, observe for 30minutes. If no reaction occurs, give another injection with increased dose. If no reaction occurs, give the third injection,and so forth,if still no reaction occurs then the administration of undiluted antitoxin can be started. Adrenaline should always be at hand.In case of anaphylaxis,adrenaline should be given at once. All patients developed hypersensitive reactions fol-lowing injection should be handled properly. Package and Storage Package for prophylactic use, each ampoule contains 1500 I.U. Store in the dark at +2℃to +8℃,and not be allowed to freeze. JiangxiInstitute of Biological Products Inc.,China

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